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A 3 Month High-level Group Program Designed to help you be the you you’ve always wanted to be and manifest the relationship of your wildest dreams

10 spots only
It's probably about time you stopped flying blind in your relationships and got your romantic shit together don't you think?
Dysfunctional love was my middle name. I grew up without any healthy relationship role models, I was only turned on and attracted to men that were unavailable, didn't see my value, and abandoned me. I usually wasn't attracted to available men and when i was i felt so anxious like it was too good to be true. I felt deeply insecure and had intense body image issues. Because of who i was attracted to and all of the insecurities i had i felt damaged and I felt like I had no idea what i was doing most of the time, honestly. But I had this calling deeper in my soul that knew it was possible to have a deeply satisfying and healthy romantic relationship. That calling was right, i figured it out and now i have it. Over the years I have studied a lot about relationships and human dynamics. I combine spirituality, self love, and psychology into my approach. I learned so much from working with many many people including through my own experiences and put aspects of all of it in what i teach. 

I created this for the people that are ready to get into alignment around love and manifest the relationship of their dreams with someone emotionally available, who pursues you and values you that is also on your level. They are done wasting anymore time guessing at it. They are ready to be supported in a more hands on way by me along side a beautiful supportive tight knit group of people on a similar journey keeping you in a high vibe romantic space, plus you don't have to feel so alone in all of this! You're done guessing, you're done playing out unconscious self sabotaging patterns in your relationships, you're ready to love yourself deeply, feel secure and never be ghosted, cheated on, or abandoned ever again and create a beautiful life with your soulmate partner by your side because life is too short to have anything less!
This is for you if:
  • You feel like your vagina/heart leads to astray to people that are not good for you or are unavailable
  •  You know you've got deeper down limiting beliefs and patterns holding you back around relationships and are ready to fully figure them out and release them once and for all
  •  You're ready to love the way you look and who you are and feel completely worthy of the partner and life you want and fully and be good to yourself
  •  Up-leveling, giving yourself support, and being around others that are motivated to change and are on a similar journey inspires you and nourishes you
  •  You want to stop attracting unavailable men/women that make you feel like you have to fight for a simple text message reply
  •  You want to have higher standards and actually believe they will be met and be attracted to partners that are good for you and good to you
  •  You want to release the past, including past lovers who may be hanging out in the back of your mind that you haven't fully let go of
  •  You want to manifest your soulmate relationship with your dream partner and create a beautiful, meaningful life together and pass down healthy relationship patterns to your current/future soulmate babies
  •  You want to figure out what a healthy relationship actually looks like where you are soverign, whole people but you also have a deep, healthy, intimate connection that is satisfying
  •  You feel overly independent and lonely and unsatisfied or you're feeling totally
  •  When you start to fall for someone you get fearful that they will let you down, hurt you, leave you, and abandon you in some form.
  •  You're ready to feel safe and available in relationships
  •  You want to feel supported and guided by the universe and feel clear on who your soulmate partner is
When does it start?

May 20th, 2019

Doors close May 24th, 2019

How long is it?

3 Months
The first 2 people to join get an extra 1-1 session with Gianna
Total Investment?

Regular Payment Option 1: $3,300 Paid in Full

Regular Payment Option 2: 3 monthly payments of $1,300


⇒ Worthy AF or Emotionally Available AF Mug
⇒ 1 Extra Bonus Group Coaching Call 

Program Includes:

⇒ (3) 30 minute 1:1 call with Gianna (1 per month)

⇒ 2 pre-recorded trainings with homework per month (6 total)

⇒ 1 group coaching call with hot seat coaching per month (3 total)

⇒Weekly (9 total)  check-in Q&A threads for additional support 

⇒ Access to a private FB group with Gianna & the other members
There are a few key areas that create the version of yourself that you were ALWAYS meant to be that naturally create the soulmate relationship of your dreams.
I’m covering them all in this program
This is for the person who...
...KNOWS they want to manifest the relationship of their dreams.
They’ve always known deep inside, probably since they were a young child that they were meant to have EPIC love. That they were meant to meet a person some day out there that would be SO right for them that they wanted to create a beautiful life together while loving each other deeply.
I've helped many men and women clear and heal and manifest their soulmate relationships since and I want the same for you!
“One of my deepest desires was to have a healthy, loving, romantic relationship with someone genuine and sincere who I felt really loved me. The thing was, I had a lot of beliefs about men, about relationships and about sex that were blocking me from having the relationship I truly deserved.
Thoughts and beliefs like “Men only want sex.” “Men want a relationship with me just because they can.” “Men can’t truly love me.” “My ideal guy wouldn’t feel attracted to me/doesn’t exist.” “Men are cheaters, so what’s the point in having a relationship.” And so many more..
I found myself in a relationship that didn’t feel emotionally safe at all. My trust issues and low self-esteem made me attract someone who ended up cheating on me, made me feel paranoid, crazy and clingy AF. Even though I knew deep down that there was no real future for the relationship, I couldn’t let go. I 100% felt that this guy was my soulmate even though I was going through emotional torture and making up excuses, believing that it “must be love if I’m feeling this way.”
Gianna made me realise that this was the perfect opportunity for me to assess everything that this situation was triggering. The lack of self-esteem, the feeling of not being good enough, codependency issues and to my surprise a LOT of anger towards men that I needed to process. (aka Daddy issues lol)
Once I put my finger on what was coming to the surface, Gianna helped me see these beliefs, thoughts and patterns for what they really were.
She really helped me shift my perspective on what I was experiencing and guided me in transforming them into patterns and beliefs that serve me positively in my spiritual growth and understanding.
Every call I had with her really made me see and feel through Source’s perspective and made me question every thought that I felt wasn’t helping me manifest the relationship that I was seeking.
Since working with Gianna, I feel my relationship with the Universe just gets better and stronger. With her help, I’ve understood how I manifested certain people and certain situations and I feel more connected with my body, my point of attraction and my awareness, and I’m more authentic.
But, most importantly, she helped me manifest my relationship with my current partner!
This relationship is everything I could have wanted and more, I’m still pinching myself.. lol
It took time for me to let go of ‘how and when’ but when I did, I realised that it was infront of me all along.
The love I feel for my partner now feels much more safe, emotionally available, genuine, sincere, long lasting and secure.
In implementing everything that Gianna had taught me, I slowly starting seeing him from a different perspective. I realised I found him to be quite masculine even though he seemed shy. I started seeing different aspects of him that I never saw before.
Just recently, as I was looking through my old journal, I came across a page where I had listed the things I wanted to manifest in my ideal relationship.
Holy sh*t.
Thank you so much Gianna!”
“Before Gianna program I accepted I was just going to stay being a single Mum and I might not find the right person. I did all the homework and with Gianna input I uncovered ALL of my core issues that I had no idea was there. I then was pulled to the most amazing person and after putting everything I learned from Gianna into practice with my new relationship it formed the most beautiful open loving relationship. I very quickly realised I manifested the exact person that I wanted.
I’m so appreciative and grateful for Gianna, this program and all the support from the other ladies.
More recent update-
Me and my bf are better then ever. I was pretty worried about getting back together in case there was a good subconscious reason why we ended but its a completely different relationship. Even he said he had noticed I’m much more open and can feel the difference.
Before working with you i thought I could quite easily go life without sex coz i was never a fan but man sex is AMAZING now. Ive also never let anyone cuddle me but now i dont want to stop cuddling.
Even my daughter loves him and his soooo good with her. Its made me realise ive never had a relationship thats so open with 2 ppl so connected before.“
"So I found Gianna through another website and read her article on emotionally unavailable men and instantly I was like OMG this is me. I had just gotten out of a year and a half relationship with an emotionally unavailable man. I felt desperate and hopeless. I was a single and miserable 30 year old and felt like I had missed the boat to meet someone. I am a very keen self development type girl so I signed up for many online courses on relationships and even worked with other coaches. So many taught me to play hard to get - but this just didn't work long term. I was left very confused. 

I had my first session with Gianna in December 2016 and she just completely blew my mind. That day my brain clicked, my whole attitude changed. The next day I met my now boyfriend of 2 years. See the thing is though even after I met him I still REALLY needed to do the work, I still wasn't able to stay as high vibe as I was after that call with Gianna. So I decided to work with her. She coached me through so much, the first few dates, anxiety, even through the anxiety of waiting for him to ask him to be my girlfriend and say "i love you". She helped me through all of it. 

Now 2 years into my relationship I can honestly say this is the best relationship I've ever had. He is such an amazing guy and I am grateful for him everyday. Gianna is hands down the best relationship coach I've ever met. Please do yourself a favor and work with her. You will not regret it. Thank you Gianna. "
"Gianna is amazing! She is really gifted and has a beautiful, open, non judgemental energy while supporting you in discovering and moving through blocks and beliefs that are no longer serving you. 

I learned so much and was also so supported in remembering what I know. 

I feel like working with Gianna I was able to see some of my sabotaging patterns and respond differently. 

I feel really empowered and inspired after working with Gianna! I can't recommend her enough! 

She powerfully helped me shift through codependent patterns with men and massive fears of abandonment that I feel kept me manifesting men that would do just that abandon me.

But now I'm in a relationship now that I feel like has a great foundation that is healthy:) He is everything I’ve ever wanted and I feel truly balances and in love! I know that whatever happens I am worthy of my soul mate relationship and the universe has my back. We’re going to go travel together soon(which is something I’ve always wanted to manifest with a man)

Gianna really helps you to understand and implement the law of attraction and see where you're in your own way. Working with Gianna is juicy and amazing and real! Gift yourself the support. She's amazing! "
The Trainings:
Moving On

"Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it" - Winston Churchhill

In this video training we are clearing all of the gunk from the past.
We are digging into childhood wounds, past relationships, and getting complete and total understanding of your patterns and limiting beliefs and getting complete and total closure from your pasts. Including healing childhood related love wounds from absent, or critical caregivers, etc. You will gain understanding why your past relationships have failed, getting closure with any past partners, and getting aligned with what you want moving forward. With in depth juicy homework! 
What we cover in this training:

-What healthy interdependence looks like and how to achieve healthy interdependence. (You have to achieve healthy interdependence if you want to have a healthy AND satisfying relationship) which means no more getting overly needy and anxious and feeling codependent and powerless while also not going to the opposite extreme of being overly self sufficient to the point where you feel safe and not pathetic yet lonely and empty with unmet needs

-Attachment styles

-How to get your romantic and emotional needs met and attract people who will not disappoint you

-Stepping into more "feminine" energy and attracting people that pursue you instead of you doing all the work and chasing

-Creating a relationship where you feel free and autonomous and whole yet also satisfied and connected and more!

Plus in depth homework! <3 
Self love
It's going to be hard to put yourself out there, receive love, and attract people that love you if you're not loving yourself. So here's what we're going to cover in this training to fix that..

-Identify where your self worth issues came from, release them, and discover unshakeable self worth 

-How to feel beautiful and attractive as you are and manifest into your ideal aligned physical and emotional self beyond self worth issues

-How to stop seeking validation and stop comparing yourself to others women/men and stop feeling threatened by other men/women

-How to feel irreplaceable and worth wanting by your dream partner

-How to attract people that are head over heels for all that you are

Plus in depth homework!
Emotionally Available

Attracting emotionally unavailable types? Whether they just can't or won't commit, they're married, or are too busy for you, in some form they are unavailable. They don't pursue you to the extent that you want them to and you're left feeling, unsatisfied, unsafe, and not good enough.

What we're covering in this training:

-Why we attract emotionally unavailable people
-How to break the pattern of attracting unavailable people
-What deep wounds are an energetic match to unavailable people and how to shift them.
-How to be attract and be attracted to people that are available
-Identifying and clearing self sabotaging behaviors that push people away and more. Plus in depth homework. <3
Love Me Don't Leave Me
When you get really into someone, you start to get invested, then your deeper down fears start creeping up.. "Are they going to abandon me after i get attached to them?!" Then you tell yourself you're being crazy and to relax but then they pull away and out of nowhere dump you! You're back to square one feeling ABANDONED.

This training will make sure that never happens again and will help you release those anxieties once and for all!

What we'll be covering:

-Where your abandonment issues came from and how to release them for good

-Why love is meant to be consistent in your life and what new beliefs to embody so you can clear your anxieties and be a vibrational match for people that will stick around

-How to stop attracting people that abandon you and instead attract people that are ready and available to be consistent in your life and that will be fully committed to creating a beautiful life with you

-How to stop abandoning yourself and compromising your boundaries to get connection and a false sense of security from others

-How to feel empowered, safe, and clear headed in relationships no matter what and how to be able to tell if you're being abandoned or if you're being paranoid when someone takes some space

Plus in depth homework!
Soulmate Manifesting

Now that you've done all of this inner work, now what? Where is your person?

In this video training I'm going to teach you after you've gotten into a steady place of alignment around relationships what you do next to manifest that ideal partner.

We're going to cover:
-Utilizing the law of attraction to manifest your ideal relationship
-Tapping into your intuition to feel clear on who the right person is for you and who isn't so you can be absolutely sure without any doubts
-How to believe your soulmate is coming and clear any doubts that you get to have it if you get discouraged
-How to maintain your alignment and clarity during the manifestation process and more

Plus in depth homework! <3
This is the highest level of coaching access you get with me outside of my 1:1 coaching program.

This program is only for an intimate and dedicated group that is ready to transform and become the love of their life then meet and create an epic relationship with the second love of their life!

Spots will go quickly once this is announced to the public.

To secure your spot all you have to do is make your first payment.
You are also welcome to book a complimentary discovery call with me below. <3
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