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You’ve been trying to figure out this relationship thing for a while now. 

YEARS actually.

You find yourself stuck in the SAME patterns of feeling insecure and unworthy and maybe even too much.

You attract the same kind of guy/gal over and over again..

When will it end?!
Now you’re getting older and time is NOT on your side. This is SO not the life you pictured for yourself. You wanted to be that confident person, in love, having a fantastic life, maybe even married with kids. But you’re creeping up on that age. The age you’d imagined you’d be when you had it all figured out. 

If you find yourself stuck in the same patterns in your love life and ready to break through them FOR GOOD in a matter of months, then you’re going to want to keep reading.

I was once in your shoes...I had a history of a failed love life. My partners were either emotionally unavailable, and they hurt me, or I wasn’t into them, or it just wouldn’t or couldn’t work out for some reason. It became apparent to me that I had a few blocks that kept me from manifesting my soulmate.

I was insecure, and I didn’t feel worthy of love. I looked to men for my source of happiness and struggled with feelings of loneliness; I even questioned if my dream partner existed.

I worked on my self-esteem, worked on my happiness, and broke down my walls, my fears, and my limiting beliefs. 

It was then that I began applying the law of attraction properly into my love life and after doing so, I manifested my soulmate!
Flash forward to present day, I’m a completely different person then I was back then. I’m confident, secure in who I am and I know what I am worthy of. 

I’m happy! I don’t seek that happiness from others. I know how to maintain an amazing relationship! Not to mention I live in a cute house in the mountains with my soulmate who adores me and is head over heels for me and yes the feeling is oh so SO mutual!

I had to change, so I could change what I was manifesting into my life. Now I help women do the same!

If I can do it, you can do it too!

Which is my I am offering my 6 Month Manifest Your Soulmate 1:1 program.

This program is for the dedicated woman (or man) who is ready to invest in and commit to herself and have a massive shift in love!
Perfect for you if:
  • You attract emotionally or actually unavailable potential partners, controlling partners or NONE at all.
  •  Have a hard time letting your emotional guard down and putting yourself out there
  •  Are afraid of being hurt or abandoned
  •  Have insecurities that get in the way of you pursuing potential relationships
  •  Struggle with self-confidence, feel  bad about the way you look and even want to lose weight
  •  Feel like you have to please your partners sexually or in other ways in order to deserve love
  •  Have a difficult time asking for what you want in relationships and setting boundaries
But desire to:
  • Attract someone who is everything you want that shows up FULLY on ALL levels, that will honor and commit to you!
  •  Get over that person and heal your heartache
  •  Be able to open your heart without feeling like you're going to be hurt, betrayed or abandoned
  •  Gain unshakeable self-love
  •  Want to feel fully confident in your body
  •  Gain sexual confidence like you've never had before
  • Create your dream life WITH your soulmate
This exclusive 1:1 Program has limited spots and requires a 6-month commitment and a five-figure investment.
Apply Now by clicking the button below
"I found Gianna through another website and read her article on emotionally unavailable men and instantly I was like OMG this is me. I had just gotten out of a year and a half relationship with an emotionally unavailable man. I felt desperate and hopeless. I was a singe and miserable 30 year old and felt like I had missed the boat to meet someone. I am a very keen self development type girl so I signed up for many online courses on relationships and even worked with other coaches. So many taught me to play hard to get - but this just didn't work long term. I had my first session with Gianna in December 2016 and she completely blew my mind. That day my brain clicked, my whole attitude changed. The next day I met my now boyfriend of 1 year. See the thing is though even after I met him I still REALLY needed to do the work, I still wasn't able to stay as high vibe as I was after that call with Gianna. So I decided to work with her. She coached me through so much, the first few dates, anxiety, even through the anxiety of waiting for him to ask him to be my girlfriend and say "i love you". She helped me through all of it. Now 1 year into my relationship I can honestly say this is the best relationship I've ever had. He is such an amazing guy and I am grateful for him everyday. Gianna is hands down the best relationship coach I've ever met. Please do yourself a favor and work with her. You will not regret it."
"Gianna is amazing! She is really gifted and has a beautiful, open, non judgemental energy while supporting you in discovering and moving through blocks and beliefs that are no longer serving you. I learned so much and was also so supported in remembering what I know. I feel like working with Gianna I was able to see some of my sabotaging patterns and respond differently. I feel really empowered and inspired after working with Gianna! I can't recommend her enough!  She powerfully helped me shift through codependent patterns with men and massive fears of abandonment that I feel kept me manifesting men that would do just that abandon me. But not I'm in a relationship now that I feel like has a great foundation that is healthy:) He is everything I’ve ever wanted and I feel truly balances and in love! I know that whatever happens I am worthy of my soul mate relationship and the universe has my back. We’re going to go travel together soon(which is something I’ve always wanted to manifest with a man)  Gianna really helps you to understand and implement the law of attraction and see where you're in your own way. Working with Gianna is juicy and amazing and real! Gift yourself the support. She's amazing! "
“I first started working with Gianna I was in a place of knowing I wanted something more with really every area of my life. I kept attracting the same relationships where I would over give, feel obligated, emotionally and literally unavailable. Married women. Jealous woman. Controlling women. I felt like all the personal development courses Ive taken in the past helped however I felt extremely aware of what I was manifesting and didnt know how to shift out of it. Working with Gianna completely changed my life. Even our first phone call. She is a breath of fresh air. How she coaches is like nothing Ive ever experienced. Her support, her energy, her knowledge really showed me how to shift everything in my life. From soulmate business partners, better relationship with my children, better relationships with my friends, better relationship with myself more important and yes focusing on myself, my self care, my self love, my own alignment has manifested the woman that I feel I was dreaming of. I am in fucking awe of things now and so excited for my future. Keeps getting better.” 
What You'll Get:
  • 6 Months of 1:1 Support that includes 21 private (45 minute) calls
  • Unlimited support between calls
  • Unlimited access to all of Gianna's programs and offerings while working together
Investment of:
$5K Initial Deposit.
Then 30 days later, $3K /month for 6 months.
You Can Expect To:
  • Experience increased happiness, self-love, and confidence 
  • Gain a better ability to communicate your wants
  • Heal your heartache and let go of guys/girls that are no good for you
  • Overcome your fears of abandonment, being alone and being cheated on
  • Experience increased sexual confidence 
  • Feel more confident with your body
  • Manifest the soulmate of your dreams!
I'm currently fully booked in my 1:1. However, click below to Gianna the Robot to be put on my waitlist when I open up availbility again.
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