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For the souls who are ready to love and live life from their wholeness. <3

Now enrolling 1 more private clients in this 6 month private coaching program to start together right away before my prices increase!

Wholeness is the place where instead of needing a relationship to fulfill you, you feel fulfilled and whole.

Instead of needing someone to validate your worth, you feel worthy within.

 Instead of needing someone to reassure you to feel secure about not being abandoned, lied to, betrayed, or rejected, you feel safe because you no longer give your power away to other people's actions.

You no longer people please and self abandon only to get resentful later.

You feel whole, in your power, with healthy boundaries and standards..yet also open, tender, and available for deep fulfilling love. 
This is the place that manifests the healthy, lasting relationship of your dreams and let's be honest..also makes your entire life better. (career, health, joy, family relationships, etc)


Knowing your worth without needing validation, feeling safe, relaxed, fullfilled, and in your power no matter what, in your relationships..No longer getting anxious while dating or in a relationship, no longer feeling needy for validation, no longer feeling worried that you'll be abandoned, unwanted, lied to, controlled, or cheated on..

Because you truly know you'll be fulfilled and feel worthy either way and attract the relationship of your dreams.

Feeling HOT in your body unconditionally, while STILL easily weighing what you used to REALLY wish you'd weigh WITHOUT obsessing about food, without restriction, fear, or guilt existing at all around food and exercise. You feel free, worthy, confident, and you love yourself fully.

Putting yourself first, honoring your boundaries wit EASE, without guilt or anxiety and being totally supported and loved in doing so.

Being madly in love with someone who ADORES you, is consistent, stable, has their shit together, is emotionally available, prioritizes you, is secure in themselves, honest with you, and committed to being with you forever, and is someone who adds value to your life, you deeply respect, can take the lead and take charge. You feel so safe, relaxed, and supported in their presence.

Communicating in a healthy, inviting, feminine way that inspires more connection with your partner and inspires your needs being fully met. Being kind and loving to yourself as your natural instinct. No longer feeling needy, closed off, or hiding when it comes to love.

Having your heart wide open and feel safe and comfortable in that.

KNOWING that you are a living, breathing embodiment of someone who has healed past relationship trauma that started as early as childhood, broken toxic cycles for you and future generations, loves themselves, is whole, and has healthy, supportive, amazing love and  all while you're being everything you WISH you would have seen and experienced growing up from your parental figures.

Let's make that your reality.. <3

You're not new to personal development. You've probably even come a long way already.

But you know to be where you want to be and to attract the relationship you really want you have inner work to do still.

Perfect for you if:
If you resonate with some or all of these 
 -You are SO done giving your power away in relationships and feeling anxious in love, fearing you're going to be unwanted, abandoned, or cheated on. You want to be your OWN source of happiness, self worth, and DEEP trust and safety.

-You CRAVE to go deeper into your own feminine energy in relationships, you want to feel whole and worthy on your own and still be in a relationship with a partner who can take the lead, is assertive, and adds genuine value to your life verses feeling like you always have to "Take control" when you really don't want to. 

-You want to learn healthy feminine communication instead of getting critical, resentful, aggressive, controlling, mothering. You want to learn to communicate in a productive, healthy, and kind way instead of getting reactive.

-You are SO ready to confront your fears of being cheated on, abandoned, or rejected and heal these things from an empowered place verses wanting someone else to be different, to be consistent, or validate you to have an artificial sense of safety. (wanting others to change to feel better is codependency)

-You’re so done finding yourself hung up on and attached to people that are unavailable, avoindant, unstable, that need fixing/saving (maybe struggle with addiction, mental health, etc) that are controlling, toxic, and codependent. 

-You're done giving your power away and feeling like you need to be with them to feel worthy, safe, whole, and fulfilled and you're ready to heal these codependecies at the root once and for all and have healthy standards and boundaries AND STICK TO THEM.

- You are SO done feeling anxious, avoidant, unworthy, and insecure in your body and trying to lose weight from that place and basing your worth on your weight

- You are so done not weighing what you wants to weigh and having it feel HARD when you try to lose weight

- You are SO done feeling guilt and fear around food and exercise

- You are SO ready to feel free and love yourself like crazy inside and out AND weigh what you want to weigh easily

-You're ready to have self love and self kindness be your default, instead of perfectionism and being hard on yourself.

-You want to feel totally safe in relationships, not threatened by other women and to stop comparing yourself to other women and feel irreplaceable.

-You're ready to feel whole and love and approve of yourself without seeking validation from others

- You are so done self abandoning trying to get others to be happy with you at the expense of yourself, you are ready to fully love yourself and have amazing boundaries with ease!

-You're SO ready to manifest your amazing, emotionally available, committed to you, whole within themselves, in love with you, healthy assertive, masculine/feminine soulmate relationship (or whatever dynamic feels aligned for you)!

-You know the desires are in your heart for a reason, you don't allow your past relationships or childhood to define what is possible for you, you KNOW you are meant to love yourself, feel whole and empowered, and have healthy amazing love!

-You know more is possible for you than what you saw growing up and you REFUSE to replay the past, you want to be and have more for yourself and your future/current children than you witnessed growing up.

-You are SO ready to confront your anxieties, insecurities, and wounds that you takes full ownership of.

-You don't believe in game playing, inauthenticity, or following a strict set of rules to get love, you believe in inner alignment first, flow, and listening to your inspired action. 

-You are committed, serious and so ready to do this work and you know this 6 months together is about so much more than 6 months together, but it is a container to facilitate life long transformation, results, awareness, and tools to help you feel solid in yourself and relationships for a lifetime.

-You feel the big inner pull to have me as the coach for you and you are ready to be massively supported in a 1-1 container with me to be held accountable, to calibrate to my beliefs, energy, and reality of self love, healthy attachment, and soulmate love and be massively guided and supported on your journey to creating the love and life you want and deserve.

A bit about my journey..

I grew up in a toxic environment. There were good moments for sure. But primarily my childhood was plagued by emotional and physical abuse and the common denominator was my mom’s toxic marriage with her former partner. This set me up for many relationship blocks as an adult.

It was toxic, controlling, abusive. It was filled with insecurity, manipulation, and power plays.  

My mom stayed in an abusive, codependent, controlling marriage. My dad wasn't around for a majority of my childhood because of financial struggles and addiction.

This affected me a lot as a child and it took me time to realize this did affect my romantic relationships as an adult. Not only did I experience abuse as a child (I personally believe romantic relationships we have SO deeply affect our children) But I took on a whole lot of issues and limiting beliefs that massively affected my love life for years to come until i did something about it.

I deeply craved love yet was also at the same time was kind of terrified of it. I chased emotionally unavailable men that abandoned me and were flakey and inconsistent and made me feel like i wasn't good enough. I was also afraid of commitment because i thought commitment meant someone wanted to control me and hurt me. (like i saw with my mom as a child) My self esteem was LOW. From a young age I was needy and anxious in relationships because i didn't feel safe.

I internalized not getting the love I wanted to mean something negative about me even more. I always felt like it was my fault, there was something wrong with me, that I wasn’t good enough. After being abandoned and having my heart smashed to pieces about a million times I SHUT DOWN. 

I became unavailable and avoidant in relationships. Which didn’t actually let in love in as you can imagine lol. I was NUMB and detached. Then when I finally started opening up again because I met a man who seemed to be EVERYTHING I was looking for online. 

The relationship was amazing in a lot of ways but also codependent in the sense I really relied on him for my happiness and I allowed him to tell me what was best for me.

I was terrified of him not being attracted to me in person and I developed a negative obsession with my body that spiraled into anorexia. My relationship with food and exercise and my body became negatively obsessive and filled with anxiety, guilt, and pressure. I didn't feel like my stomach was flat enough, I didn't feel like my boobs were big and womanly enough. 

I was terrified of being hurt again... and then i got hurt.. AGAIN  

He pulled away and abandoned me when I felt like I need him the most. It wasn’t an over night process but the ending of this relationship was a catalyst for me. 

I woke UP. I took my power back and decided to heal myself, my insecurities, and my unhealthy relationship habits once and for all.
I healed my abandonment fears, my betrayal fears, my codependency issues, and became a healthy emotionally available women who allowed love into her life.

I over came being SO needy and also stopped pretending like I didn’t need anything from anyone ever. I finally healed my issues with my body and my relationship with food and exercise that had been damaged as a result of my body image issues. 

I then felt hot, sexy, beautiful..just for being me..

Food just became food again, and exercise felt light and now i easily maintain my goal weight. EASILY, NATURALLY, without obsessing.

I worked on my over all sense of worthiness and my boundary issues that stemmed from wanting other people's approval.

And after working on my inner blocks and self sabotaging patterns and learning how to properly apply the law of attraction to my love life..In came Justin…  

One of my soulmates.(We have more than 1) He’s emotionally available, he loves and adores me, and is everything I want in a man. We had a beautiful, fulfilling and healthy relationship for 8 years.

Then I my desires evolved and expanded and i deepened my self work around feminine energy and became my authentic feminine self in relationships.

From there it became clear my relationships wasn't meant to continue any longer and wasn't meant to. It wasn't a painful, wound, based, lesson filled ending. It was a divinely timed ending where i was whole within myself to be able to walk away from something beautiful and healthy but not fully the right fit for me any longer.

Then i attracted in my current relationship. One with an amazing man who is emotionally secure, has a high level of integrity in himself and our relationship, is highly communicative, assertive, safe, consistent, committed, and a protective masculine man that is the perfect match to my tender, vulnerable, whole feminine self. (*Also our sex is phenomenal* lol)

I know how to attract great love and do the aligned thing for me in love and i teach my clients how to do the same thing for themselves and attract what they deserve.

I know who I am, I know what I get to have, I know my worth, I don't give my power away and seek validation anymore. I never worry about being abandoned, unwanted, or cheated on.

 I FEEL SAFE because i truly know things are working out for me because i know how to attract what i want. That is bigger than my relationship but I really believe shifting into those knowings helped me manifest what I have today.

I want that for all of us and i believe we can all have it.

To me? Helping you manifest the love that you want heals the collective and creates healthy relationships for future children to witness and emulate and that means everything to me! <3
Common Results My Private Clients Get:
(Gianna pictured at her last in person event with 2 private clients)
  • Manifesting their dream partners, moving in together, getting married, having children and starting beautiful lives together filled with travel and purpose and love
  • ​find deeper fulfillment and break patterns of neediness and relationship anxiety that makes you want to get all obsessive and chase people away/ shut down out of fear and avoid relationships
  • heal deep rooted relationship anxieties like: being broken up with out of no where/abandoned, commitment fears, fears of being rejected and cheated on, fears of ending up with someone toxic, etc
  • ​break patterns of attracting unavailable,  unstable, flakey, inconsistent men/women, controlling toxic relationships, codependent relationships where it feels like your partner needs saving/fixing (maybe struggles with mental health, addiction, etc) and start attracting high quality partners, emotionally available, committed, loving ready for commitment partners that pursue you
  • ​permanent weight loss from 5-60 pounds through ease and flow, released anxiety around food/working out and increased body confidence and self love
  • ​release patterns of fear around commitment​
  • ​Healing toxic communication patterns, and patterns of avoidance
  • ​Healing deep childhood parental wounds that negatively affect your relationships with men/women and relationships
  • ​over all increased self worth and feeling deserving of the partner of your dreams
  • ​shattering patterns of people pleasing, over compensating, low standards, Codependency, and poor boundaries
  • ​navigating getting over someone and healing after breakups/divorces
  • ​Stepping deeper into their sexual power and expression
  • ​Manifesting their dream relationship and STAYING together for years-as in still together
More information below on what's included! <3
What's expected as a private client
  • Book your calls in advance according to my calendar availability 
  •  Utilize me for support, keep me updated, but also honor my time and utilize the tools you have been given without needing constant hand holding
  •  You are completely authentic with me and open up to me so I can help you fully
  •  You utilize the tools that have been given and do the work outside of our calls and conversations
This exclusive 1:1 Program has limited spots per year and requires a 6-month commitment.
Apply Now by clicking the button below at the bottom of the page
1-1 Client feedback..
"Working with Gianna has truly been one of the best decisions I've made for my development in relationships. I had done a lot of inner work in the years prior to Gianna, but relationships was the one area I hadn't yet mastered. Gianna has helped me overcome so many patterns that were playing out in my life and helped me uncover a lot of underlying issues that were holding me back. 

Before working with Gianna, I was anxious so much of the time. If I were to go out with my friends, without my partner, I would feel anxious to get home because I needed to feel close to him. I used to abandon myself and doing what filled me up (yoga classes, going to cafe's on my own, hanging out with friends, reading solo etc) and instead, would enmesh with what he was doing and what he liked in order to not feel abandoned or lonely. Now though, I fill myself up with no anxiety. I tend to the relationship I have with myself first and foremost and I feel totally relaxed doing it. I have also now developed the tools and the self-awareness that if I were to slip into any slight codependent behaviour, I would recognise it and pivot without a lot of stress.

I truly would recommend Gianna to ANYONE needing relational help, she's helped me go from anxious to secure, and from codependent to someone who self sources their own worth and validation. I felt ready to date and attracted the career and relationship of my dreams (romantic and friends ships) instead of a codependent unhealthy relationship like I did in the past. In my current relationship i am getting everything i wanted and it feels so easy and fulfilling!"

Penny Younger
"I found Gianna through another website and read her article on emotionally unavailable men and instantly I was like OMG this is me. I had just gotten out of a year and a half relationship with an emotionally unavailable man. I felt desperate and hopeless. I was a single and miserable 30 year old and felt like I had missed the boat to meet someone. I am a very keen self development type girl so I signed up for many online courses on relationships and even worked with other coaches. So many taught me to play hard to get - but this just didn't work long term. I had my first session with Gianna in December 2016 and she completely blew my mind. That day my brain clicked, my whole attitude changed. The next day I met my now boyfriend of 1 year. See the thing is though even after I met him I still REALLY needed to do the work, I still wasn't able to stay as high vibe as I was after that call with Gianna. So I decided to work with her. She coached me through so much, the first few dates, anxiety, even through the anxiety of waiting for him to ask him to be my girlfriend and say "i love you". She helped me through all of it. Now 1 year into my relationship I can honestly say this is the best relationship I've ever had. He is such an amazing guy and I am grateful for him everyday. Gianna is hands down the best relationship coach I've ever met. Please do yourself a favor and work with her. You will not regret it."
"Gianna is amazing! She is really gifted and has a beautiful, open, non judgemental energy while supporting you in discovering and moving through blocks and beliefs that are no longer serving you. I learned so much and was also so supported in remembering what I know. I feel like working with Gianna I was able to see some of my sabotaging patterns and respond differently. I feel really empowered and inspired after working with Gianna! I can't recommend her enough!  She powerfully helped me shift through codependent patterns with men and massive fears of abandonment that I feel kept me manifesting men that would do just that abandon me. But now I'm in a relationship now that I feel like has a great foundation that is healthy:) He is everything I’ve ever wanted and I feel truly balances and in love! I know that whatever happens I am worthy of my soul mate relationship and the universe has my back. We’re going to go travel together soon(which is something I’ve always wanted to manifest with a man)  Gianna really helps you to understand and implement the law of attraction and see where you're in your own way. Working with Gianna is juicy and amazing and real! Gift yourself the support. She's amazing! "
“I first started working with Gianna I was in a place of knowing I wanted something more with really every area of my life. I kept attracting the same relationships where I would over give, feel obligated, emotionally and literally unavailable. Married women. Jealous woman. Controlling women. I felt like all the personal development courses Ive taken in the past helped however I felt extremely aware of what I was manifesting and didnt know how to shift out of it. Working with Gianna completely changed my life. Even our first phone call. She is a breath of fresh air. How she coaches is like nothing Ive ever experienced. Her support, her energy, her knowledge really showed me how to shift everything in my life. From soulmate business partners, better relationship with my children, better relationships with my friends, better relationship with myself more important and yes focusing on myself, my self care, my self love, my own alignment has manifested the woman that I feel I was dreaming of. I am in fucking awe of things now and so excited for my future. Keeps getting better.” 
“Working with Gianna is pure magic. Not only has she helped me clear old relationship patterns and limiting beliefs that were literally plaguing me for decades, she has helped me to lock in such an unshakeable, solid foundation of worthiness and security within myself that I can now apply to my relationships. When we first started working together, I was experiencing a ton of fear and frustration in my relationship with my boyfriend at the time. We actually ended up taking some time apart, and during that time Gianna helped me dig into the fears so I could finally clear them and get into alignment with my deepest desires. In doing so, I actually ended up back with my boyfriend and our relationship has totally transformed and continues to transform for the better. We are actually moving in together now! I feel totally safe in being open and vulnerable which has allowed for a deeper connection within my relationship, and when contrast does come up I know how to deal with it. As someone who struggled for years and years (literally decades) in relationships, I feel like I am finally mastering this area of my life - all due to the work I have done in this program. Gianna is the real deal, and she’s amazing! I can honestly say that investing in her one on one coaching program is the best decision I have ever made.” 
"My experience with Gianna was absolutely amazing. I didn’t hire her to manifest my soulmate because I already had but I knew I had other things to work on. Though I was initially hesitant to make the 5-figure investment in Gianna's private coaching program, I found my experience with Gianna to be absolutely worth the money spent - her private coaching turned out to be priceless for me.

Throughout Gianna's program, I improved all of the things that I was interested in improving, including codependency, self love, healthy boundaries, and multiple aspects of my romantic relationships, and personal emotional availability. In addition, Gianna opened my eyes to various blind spots that I'd developed over the years in the areas of self-worth, emotional intimacy, friendships, and personal priorities. I had countless "ah-ha" moments as Gianna and I worked together to identify, unpack, and restructure thought patterns, negative associations, and complicated yet untrue stories from my past that had seemed to develop over time. As each area of my life improved, so did my outlook, mood, and stress levels.

Gianna was the missing link for me. I was already a near-daily meditator who felt comfortable in myself and was generally satisfied in my life, work, and personal relationships. There were, however, some lingering aspects of trauma and attachments from my past relationships that I'd worked on countless times and for countless years, and for which I'd repeatedly sought psychological therapy. Gianna helped me to truly solve and release those issues once and for all. Not only did she help me to solve and release those issues, but she taught me the specific reframing processes to use for other deep-seated issues that I may experience throughout life. Gianna was a better investment for me than any of the older professionals with advanced degrees that I'd worked with in the past.

I also felt comfortable enough in my progress to begin trying to conceive a child with my fiance (now husband), which I'd been waiting to do until I felt I'd solved some of my long-standing emotional issues and associations. Because I did this completely out of alignment - and without the fear that had previously plagued me - we were able to conceive immediately, and we're now expecting a wonderful baby boy in just a few months.

I can't recommend Gianna's private coaching enough. Gianna has changed my life, and I'll be forever grateful to her for the work that she did and the blessings that she helped to inspire.”
Lindsey E.
 "I came to Gianna wanting to get to the root of a few issues in my marriage that left me feeling unloved, not prioritized, and questioning my value. I wanted to get to the root of what I was feeling and what I was attracting from my partner and manifest a closer relationship than ever with my husband.

Working with Gianna is an enlightening experience. Her wisdom when
It comes to relationships, soulmates, relating to others, and self love teaches her clients how to continue to evolve spiritually and emotionally to become a vibrational match to attract loving & harmonious relationships. Every 1 on 1 session led by Gianna left me feeling more at peace and with a greater awareness of what I needed to continue to heal and transform.  

What I appreciated also is how Gianna puts everything into perspective so that I am able to make the best decisions that are aligned with the highest intentions. Instead of operating from fear and limitations.

Just after a short intensive 1-1 program with her I got all of the answers I needed to be in full alignment in my marriage and love life in general moving forward.

Working with Gianna is guaranteed to be a profound experience because she facilitates relationship shifts on a soul level. She is a heart centered coach who delivers a priceless service to her clients."
Jaime P.
"Working with Gianna in her private coaching program has been nothing short of a miracle. My intention with working with her was to strengthen the relationship with myself, my body and then…. someone special! I always knew in the back of my mind I would work with Gianna, however when the time came I was so hesitant I felt that the only thing WORTH investing in was my business because… well that was more logical and worthy than being able to invest in myself… OF COURSE my beliefs and self worth started shifting from the beginning after investing in myself!

I have spent my whole life talking down to myself, resenting my body, putting others as a priority, and having an unhealthy emotional relationship with food, which has inevitably damaged my perception of my self worth, self-love and confidence. 

When we started I felt damaged, in my relationships, business and life.. We started with Self Worth and Image and I quickly received confirmation that working on myself would transition into other parts of my life as I started making a lot more money in my business, having a consistent income, shifting my binge and restrictive eating patterns, strengthening family relationships and being seen outside of my business in actually having A LIFE! 

She taught me to see myself from a different perspective and provided life long tools, techniques and actions in which I FELT was best for me to propel myself forward. Gianna was there as a mirror, she challenged me, supported me, loved on me and listened to me. I felt safe, I felt worthy, I felt loved.

It had been two years since I left my abusive marriage and I thought I was all healed…. Until things resurfaced, patterns, dreams, images… I freaked out… Gianna brought me back to reality, taught me techniques to see things from a different perspective and the awareness of being able to have the opportunities to change and shift my engrained patterns. I was scared shitless even to look or talk to a guy in fear of being hurt again, she taught me how to have safe and healthy boundaries around relationships with others and myself to be able to move past my resistance and fear and finally put myself out there again!

Literally every aspect of my life has changed since working with Gianna, loving who I am now without judgement versus any illusion or future me I hold in being able to be worthy of. It propelled me to stop waiting and start living NOW, which allowed me to hold my first retreat and opened up opportunities to be able to travel the world in hosting international retreats sharing my message and fulfilling my true life desires.I have learned to fully accept and love myself, my body and who I am no matter my physical appearance. I have increased my level of movement in the form in which I want and feel inspired to move. I have also adapted a different outlook on food and have streamlined my new lifestyle to not be restrictive or too much. I have lost 30 pounds! It feels so sustainable! The work I did with Gianna has really helped me in all relationships in being more confident, accepting and self-assured which has made me able to be more social, start dating and open up to more possibilities in my business to which I then started having consistent 5-figure months in my business because I feel WORTHY.

Gianna is a perfect example of a true leader and mentor, she is open, transparent, funny, challenging, loving, and practices what she preaches! I am so grateful to have had her as my coach, challenger, support system and friend throughout my journey and cannot wait to see what the future holds. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Gianna in some form, please do it, it will change your life in so many ways that you could only imagine."
Adrienne F.
"When I first found Gianna’s work, I was going through one of the hardest times in my life. I was going through a fresh break up of a 7-year relationship. Besides my heart being completely shattered, I was also stuck in cycles of codependency, people-pleasing, and low self-worth and I had no idea how deep they ran. I felt broken, lost, and honestly had days where I couldn’t even get out of bed.

And then I found Gianna’s work. Every post, every video, every story she posted resonated with me, and I knew I had so much I could learn from her. Deep in my soul I could feel this was what I needed, and especially at that time in my life, so I took the plunge.

Working with Gianna as a 1:1 client was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Not only did she give me the support I needed through this really hard time in my life, she helped me heal. She helped me heal my codependency and my feelings of low self-worth. We worked through my old abandonment wounds, childhood trauma, and insecurities.

Every week we spoke, I healed a bit more, learned to love myself more, and learned to let go of codependency. She taught me how to truly learn to love myself, and in doing so, how to become my own source of safety, love, and security.

I am a completely different woman now than I was when I first began working with Gianna. I am stronger, more confident, and I truly know my worth. I no longer depend on others for validation, love, or safety. I feel whole on my own, and that’s a feeling I never knew before.

Gianna is the sweetest person, with the sweetest soul. Every call, every Voxer message, I felt so supported and loved, and I felt open to be myself and to be truthful with where I was - which is exactly what led me to where I am now. I can’t express enough gratitude for where I am now, and for all of the help Gianna gave me."
What You'll Get:
  • 21, 45 minute private coaching sessions with me per month for 6 months (almost one per week with a few off weeks)
  • Daily text/audio access to me via Voxer (free app) in-between sessions for laser coaching support, updates, celebrations(M-F)
  • ​Me holding you accountable, empowering you, reminding you of what you deserve and what's possible, supporting you every step of the way, and deeply invested in you and your relationships and goals and holding your vision and goals with you
  • ​Free access to any in person events i do while we work together if i host any (Includes dinner, drinks, and a full evening hanging out with my and my other clients that attend)
  • ​Free access to the content in my other programs and offers from the past and that I offer while we work together such as: Clearing Codependency Course,  Manifest Your Soulmate Course, Loved & Worthy course-a program to feel worthy of the relationship you want, Conceited-body image self love program, Feminine Queen in Love course- a course to help you step deeply into your magnetic feminine energy and attract healthy, safe, masculine love. 
  • ​As well as any trainings i offer while we work together, and more <3
  • ​Access to someone who embodies and lives the beliefs and desires you want to step into in your own life
    San Diego, California pictured above <3 Which is where i hosted my last event <3

    How my 1-1 program works

    I am holding you accountable, giving you new mindsets and perspectives that I am embodied in (it’s so powerful to have a close proximity to someone that really sees what’s possible for you and is living it and can easily give you a new way of feeling/seeing something..)

    -We do inner child healing and trauma work around your core wounds like, low self worth, anxious attachment, fears of abandonment, betrayal, not trusting men/women, avoidant tendencies, etc

    -We do mindset AND body work. Sometimes we are talking and sometimes I am guiding you through a process to release emotions from your body.

    -I give you clear homework when needed so you actually know what to be implementing day to day and week to week to get to where you want to be.

    -We have a custom plan for you going into our coaching program together of your goals and after 6 months together 1-1…

    Your life, relationship with yourself, and relationships across the board change for the better. 👏🏻 

    I can’t fucking wait! <3
    Investment of:
    6 monthly payments of $4,000
    Or a pay in full discount of $20,000. 
    First payment is expected before we begin our work together immediately following our application approval. <3

    Love note..

    Working together in this high level program with me for 6 months will be plenty of time for us to go SO deep together and change your life and relationships in priceless ways. Love yourself, love your body, over come codependency, break dysfunctional cycles, and manifest the love you deserve. <3

    I am so proud of you for following your heart, going BIG and desiring to make an investment in yourself in a big way in something that you know will serve you in priceless ways!

    Click below to fill out the 1-1 form and set up a brief consult call where we will discuss what it will look like specifically for us to work together 1-1. For serious inquiries only. If it is determined on the call as a mutually aligned fit we will begin the enrollment process right away. <3
    I can't wait!! <3
    You can also message me directly via instagram or facebook to talk about working together! <3
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