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Are you ready for your soulmate but you..
  • Attract emotionally unavailable men/women(or maybe you act this way)
  • Attract controlling and toxic men/women (Or maybe you act this way)
  •  Your partners or potential partners don't meet your needs
  •  You get overly attached or clingy
  •  You feel detached and guarded and have a hard time letting people in
  •  You're afraid of being abandoned
  •  You feel lonely, and unsatisfied alone
  •  You tend to attract cheaters or have in the past
  •  You lose your sense of self, and your life as an individual in a relationship then feel totally lost when the relationship ends
  •   When someone is overly controlling or possessive it makes you feel loved
  •  You play mind games as a defense mechanism and have a fear being too available
  •  You're more likely to passive aggressively act out in a relationship than directly communicate what is triggering you
  •  You feel trapped in relationships and fear commitment, and feel guilty when you want to run the fuck away when you feel this way
  •  You have a big goal of manifesting your soulmate relationship, and you feel like something's missing because you haven't manifested this yet.
  •  You over-give or expect your partners to over-give to you or you feel like they don't REALLY care about you.
  •  You may even have some family issues and traumas you haven't completely let go of
If you resonate with ANY of these, you have some codependency energy that is keeping you from manifesting your soulmate and you've manifested the answers you're looking for by being here today!
Codependency is one of the biggest blocks that keeps many men and women attracting the wrong people, and finding themselves is in unsustainable relationships that don't last.
These are not soulmate relationships.
Codependency manifests in a lot of different ways and it all boils down to your ability to have healthy attachment. 

Unhealthy attachment can manifest in a lot of different ways

Typically codependent people manifest partners that.. control.. cheat..lie.. abandon...ghost(vanish without a trace)..or are just plain boring and unsatisfying.

...But what you attract whether you're the actual issue or not all has to do with YOUR energy and what YOU manifest into your life.
I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way anymore and love is SUPPOSED to be easy and you can manifest a life with your amazing, emotionally available, reliable soul partner that is deeply satisfying and be SO fucking happy!
I’m living proof
And in this course I'm going to show you how...
But first a little bit about my back story...
Healthy, satisfying, functional love used to massively unnatural to me. I grew up witnessing my mothers toxic, controlling, abusive relationship with my former step father and 
because of the lack of a positive example for me I had all kinds of crazy ideas and issues to work out in my relationships that were always toxic from a young age.

My biggest pattern for awhile was attracting emotionally unavailble men, 1 in particular for 5 years(I couldn't take a hint) I was hooked. I felt pathetic and not good enough.

I eventually decided I couldn't take anymore and built walls, I became cold and closed off.(I called myself the Ice Queen) I became emotionally unavailable myself and attracted men that were way more into me than I was them, then I attracted men that wanted to save and control me and I fell in love with one of them.

After our break up I was a mess and I decided that I had to work on myself. 

So I worked on myself esteem, my body image issues that spiraled into an eating disorder..

Then i confronted my deepest fears, my codependency issues, my inability to open up(Ice Queen) which led me to deeply heal my childhood wounds. I healed my mommy issues that seemed to be the root of my self esteem issues after feeling like my whole life she chose an abuser over me, I healed my daddy issues that taught me men will just leave and no one will ever save you,  and I healed my step daddy issues that taught me love is scary, it's a trap, don't trust men.

Because the truth is, that wasn't my truth, that was learned and conditioned and my SOUL truth was COMPLETELY different.
Love is the safest, most expansive thing in the world and once I dealt with my shit....

In came Justin..

My authentically amazing goofy, free, sexy, loving, trust worthy, creative, soulmate!

We'll have been together for 4 years this summer.

Love now feels easy and deeply satisfying, just like I knew it was supposed to be.

I feel safe, worthy, balanced, and happy!

I've helped many men and women clear and heal and manifest their soulmate relationships since and I want the same for you!
"After years of working on myself I was ready for love. Truly ready. I was 34 years old unmarried without children, and I felt open and free and was wanting someone to share and build my life with. I began taking this quest more seriously and went into what I call dating overdrive. Hopping from dating site to dating site, dating man after man, each one somewhat a better match than the last but ultimately, the same dude with a different name - mostly emotionally unavailable boys dressed up in man's clothing. 

I continued to go through guy after guy. Honestly, I was left feeling exhausted and also with a level of emptiness that was chilling to me. I felt like there was some type of shift that I needed to make, but I had no idea what it was. In walks Gianna. 

I was instantly drawn to her teachings and trainings, and my soul knew this was my answer. As a result of her, I was able to make several small changes in my mind and heart that clicked me into the place I needed to be, resulting in my soulmate effortless manifesting in my life two months later. What? Yes! I have joyful tears as I write this because I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. Gianna, thank you for guiding me in releasing my last bits of codependency, being truly fulfilled being alone, increasing my self worth, believing I'm a fucking bad ass who is deserving of the love I desire, and stopping the vicious cycle of Tinder. Oddly enough, I met my man on Tinder, but he flowed in to my matches, and everything there after flowed in a magical but practical and mutual way. I feel total peace now being loved and having the opportunity to love. Thank you for showing me how easy it can be Gianna. Anyone would be lucky to train with you!"
"So I found Gianna through another website and read her article on emotionally unavailable men and instantly I was like OMG this is me. I had just gotten out of a year and a half relationship with an emotionally unavailable man. I felt desperate and hopeless. I was a singe and miserable 30 year old and felt like I had missed the boat to meet someone. I am a very keen self development type girl so I signed up for many online courses on relationships and even worked with other coaches. So many taught me to play hard to get - but this just didn't work long term. I was left very confused. I had my first session with Gianna in December 2016 and she just completely blew my mind. That day my brain clicked, my whole attitude changed. The next day I met my now boyfriend of 1 year. See the thing is though even after I met him I still REALLY needed to do the work, I still wasn't able to stay as high vibe as I was after that call with Gianna. So I decided to work with her. She coached me through so much, the first few dates, anxiety, even through the anxiety of waiting for him to ask him to be my girlfriend and say "i love you". She helped me through all of it. Now 1 year into my relationship I can honestly say this is the best relationship I've ever had. He is such an amazing guy and I am grateful for him everyday. Gianna is hands down the best relationship coach I've ever met. Please do yourself a favor and work with her. You will not regret it. Thank you Gianna. "
"Gianna is amazing! She is really gifted and has a beautiful, open, non judgemental energy while supporting you in discovering and moving through blocks and beliefs that are no longer serving you. 

I learned so much and was also so supported in remembering what I know. 

I feel like working with Gianna I was able to see some of my sabotaging patterns and respond differently. 

I feel really empowered and inspired after working with Gianna! I can't recommend her enough! 

She powerfully helped me shift through codependent patterns with men and massive fears of abandonment that I feel kept me manifesting men that would do just that abandon me.
But not I'm in a relationship now that I feel like has a great foundation that is healthy:) He is everything I’ve ever wanted and I feel truly balances and in love! I know that whatever happens I am worthy of my soul mate relationship and the universe has my back. We’re going to go travel together soon(which is something I’ve always wanted to manifest with a man)

Gianna really helps you to understand and implement the law of attraction and see where you're in your own way. Working with Gianna is juicy and amazing and real! Gift yourself the support. She's amazing! "


When I learned about Gianna’s codependency course, I was in a massively codependent relationship and had no self-confidence. I recently launched my business last year when I learned from her free content how much my codependency was affecting my entire life. Immediately, I paid in full for her course. I joined because seeing her life has been very similar to mine, she has insight of my life and how I can create healthy relationships going forward. In the course has shared valuable information on where these patterns were showing up in my life, which brought awareness to how these patterns have created my current reality. She is a mirror of what a healthy relationship looks, feels, and acts like. The interactive trainings were a great way to get on the spot coaching to help with current life situations. She is extremely personable, which helps the growth move that much quicker.

Since working with Gianna, I left the codependent relationship to heal the root cause of codependency back home. Now I am dating someone more aligned and not codependent. I feel with my new awareness, I can handle the situation much easier than when I first started working with her. I have taken more responsibility for how I caused this codependency, which has helped me be able to focus on myself. I have learned healthy selfishness and to allow people to project their shit onto me without caring nearly as much. Putting myself first has been the best thing I’ve ever been able to do because I am traveling the world and living my dream. I feel like I am able to let go of situations easier, which has helped me feel more present during sexual interactions. This only scratches the surface of what Gianna’s course can do for you because she knows her shit from going through her own codependency herself. If you can work with her, I would absolutely recommend it because it is worth every penny to have unconditional love, safety, and sanity in my relationships.
Pre-Work Module: 
Clearing Self Sabotage and Limiting Stories
Within the pre-work module, we will focus on the limiting stories and self sabotage you put onto yourself, and your relationships. 
Value: $1297
Clear Your Bullshit
Week 1's focus will be understanding the law of attraction, identifying your codependent patterns in the men/women you attract, calling yourself out with love, and identifying your limiting beliefs and learning new ways.
Value: $1297
You Don't Need Anyone
Week 2's focus will be learning how to be a whole and complete healthy lover and how to be super fucking happy alone so you don't feel the need to put so much pressure on a relationship and heal fears of abandonment and fears of being cheated on.
Value: $1297
Drop The Guilt
Week 3's focus is learning healthy selfishness, and stop seeing obligation as love so you can stop being afraid of commitment or attracting others that do and always feel free and honored in a relationship instead of trapped or making your partner feel that way.
Value: $1297
Break The Cycle
During week 4 we're going to go deep into where we learned our codepedent patterns, forgiving and releasing our childhood pains and traumas around relationships, and learn how to break the cycle, stop codependent relationships in their tracks and not raise and wound codependent children that grow up to create co-dependent relationships. 

Value: $1297
In the final week we're going to learn how to stop co-dependency in it's tracks, how to deal with things that may come up a long the way, and be powerfully authentic verses playing mind games. We will also tell new stories and wrap up anything else that needs to be talked about and addressed.

Value: $1297

Amelia Hodge

Clearing Codependency was a GAME CHANGER for me. I loved Gianna’s unique and powerful approach to healing codependency. Her course taught me how to break down my old codependent patterns and step into a more authentic, worthy, and confident version of myself. The most powerful shift for me during this course was learning how to truly embrace, love, and accept myself without needing another person to validate my feelings. Because of this, I’ve been able to heal my codependent behavior and attract healthy, amazing, and loving connections. Including a new man friend who is totally healthy, not codependent, and all of the things I wanted! If your gut is telling you to take this course...TRUST IT.
You’ll also receive 3 bonus trainings:

Manifest Your Soulmate in 90 Days ​— This training helps you break down your limiting beliefs and manifest your soulmate quickly. (Value: $597)

How To Build A Relationship That Is Built To Last​ — When you have attracted your soulmate. How do you make sure the relationship continues to feel amazing. (Value: $597)

How To Be Guided To Your Soulmate Process​ — You will walkthrough the process that I use to manifest EVERYTHING in my life from when I manifested my soulmate, Justin to how I manifest money. (Value: $597)
Value: $1791
Value: $30
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